About us

We are pretty new to the business and have a pretty good reason to be in it. Have you ever had to send file over to your friends,colleagues or the ones you love and had to research for hours to find a good option that can do the job and then wait for hours trying to understand it and finally when you have figured out the puzzle, you had to wait hours for the files to be uploaded and sent? We did definitely face something like that and the process which you and us over at TransferDirect think should be easy isn't so easy after all. So we took one for the team and worked on bringing TransferDirect to you. We do not store your data(so we don't look into it like others, obviously!) nor you have to wait very long periods of time for the files to upload.

Let us explain

TransferDirect pauses the file transfer incase of power failure or your internet is down and resumes it back when everything looks good, smart isn’t it?.

Pay as you use pricing will help you to estimate your expenses ahead of time and the best part is you do not have to worry about paying for another subscription or a monthly charge.

TransferDirect offers free transfer of files for upto 1GB of size. If you transfer files over 1GB, you will be charged 0.10$/GB. You can probably send your whole album for the price of a coffee.

TransferDirect offers free transfer of any size data inside your LAN network. Yes! free