We are a new way you can transfer your files online, from anywhere at any time to anyplace

we basically transfer any kind of files/data you have and we do not put your data at risk by storing them anywhere in this process

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Have you ever wondered what happens to your files/data that you have uploaded, after you have transferred it to your colleague or friends? We did! We always cared about privacy and data theft and developed our product in such a way that our customers do not have to upload their files to the cloud and risk loss or theft of data. Our transfers do not ask you or upload/store your files anywhere in our servers making the transfer entirely seamless and hassle free.

Concerned about privacy of your files?

We dont store your data in the process of transfer as we just move the file from your machine to the client machine.

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Who is looking to transfer small files


  • Transfer upto 1 GB/month
  • Free in house tranfer
  • Auto resume transfer


Who is looking to transfer large files


  • Transfer upto 1 TB/month
  • All the free features
  • Email Support


Companies looking for private deployment

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  • High speed transfer
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Premium Support

Transfering files to your clients is simple now.

Time is the most precious thing when you want to get to the edge of your deadlines.

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